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Saturday, June 15

3:30 pm - Game Day - Library

Sunday, June 16

9:00 AM - Forum - Library and Zoom

10:30 am - Worship in-person and online

11:45 am - Youth Group - Youth Room

12:30 pm - Adult Ed Committee meeting - Zoom

Monday, June 17

2:30 pm - Staff Meeting - online

6:30 pm - Building Use Task Force Meeting - Zoom

Tuesday, June 18

9:30 am - Creativity Group - Library

Thursday - June 6

6:30 pm - Coordinating Council

Saturday, June 8

8:30 am - Discussion with Adam Gray - Worship Space


Sunday Worship 10:30 am - In person, and online here

As always, children are welcome in worship. Families come to worship together. After the Children's Moment, children and adult leaders enjoy a brief lesson together then dismiss to build healthy friendships in outdoor play (or indoors, depending on the weather). Youth Group meets most Sundays at 12 pm.

Adult Education Forums: Most Sundays at 9am in the church library and online - all are welcome! 

Join the Forums online here

June 2nd  (9:00am) Cabaret – A Conversation with the Director: Justice Theater Project’s latest production tackles a classic – Cabaret. Set in the late 1920s, this beloved musical explores the lives of Berlin’s natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the Third Reich. We are excited to be joined by the production’s director, Nancy Rich, to discuss this important work. Come hear more about the play, which will open at UPUCC On June 7th!

June 9th (9:00am) NO FORUM THIS WEEK - THIS FORUM HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 14TH. Pronouns 101 Follow Up - Gender: We will have further discussion on gender, where we will continue to explore the role of gender in our lives. We will discuss the socialization of gender at an early age, and the issues that individuals who decide to transition face. Please join us for an engaging discussion.

June 16th  (9:00am) God as Father: Great parents are important, and we honor fathers on Father’s Day, as we do with mothers on Mother’s Day. But what makes a great parent, and therefore – a great father? Why are there so many references to God as Father, since the Divine transcends notions of gender? How do we honor these “Father” images as one aspect of the Divine, along with God as Mother, or other images? In this forum we’ll explore these questions further.

June 23rd (9:00am) Transition Team Update: Please join us as we hold a “debrief” on what we heard at our special presentation from Rev. Adam Grey of Riverside Church the day before. How do we build on what we learned? We will discuss the possibility of taking trips to other faith communities, and what types of questions / explorations / ideas we would like to focus on during those visits.

June 30th (9:00am) Against Christian Nationalism: In advance of the Independence Day holiday, join us for a discussion on the threat of Christian Nationalism (check upcoming This Week emails for additional details).

Saturday Meditation Group online (most) 2nd Saturdays 10 am

Practiced for centuries and is well-known for its many benefits, meditation can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase compassion, and more! UPUCC is carrying on this ancient practice- each first Saturday of the month at 10 am, for one hour.  We enjoy this time out from busy-ness to focus and redirect our minds, and invite you to come join us.  Absolutely no experience required.  Contact Joanne Kennedy Frazer if you would like to be part of this monthly group.


If you've missed our virtual worship services, you can find the videos here.

“Masks Optional” 

    At the Coordinating Council’s October 20, 2022 meeting, after a lengthy discussion while reviewing the Covenant Partner Surveys, a decision was made to move to ‘masks optional.' We do so reminding all:

  • to be respectful of the diversity of choices made by individuals within the Congregation
  • encouraging any who have not yet taken full advantage of vaccinations to do so
  • and requesting that any who have been exposed to COVID please test negative before returning to church.

    Should a significant surge in cases occur in the area, we will move to ‘masks recommended.’

    We will continue to offer streaming options for any who feel too compromised to return to in-person worship.

    Many thanks to all who participated in the recent survey which allowed us to choose policies that best reflect the will of the entire Congregation.