Creativity Custom Cards

Creativity Group’s custom-made all occasion cards are now available to order!  

While we ask for a minimum donation of $5 for individual cards, we hope your donation for special/multiple orders will be thoughtful and generous.

Samples of all-occasion cards are often on display in the UPUCC  Worship Space, available to order there as well. One of a kind Christmas/holiday cards are also available. We would love to create these cards for specific orders! 

We will contact anyone who orders and arrange details for delivering the finished cards. Monetary donations are due upon delivery of the completed order; they can be made online through the UPUCC donation form. For more information or to place your order, please contact any of us.

Alice                                Gail

Linda                                         Marcia



The UPUCC Creativity Group holds in-person meetings. Most of our time is devoted to making handmade greeting cards that we offer for your donation. We have an abundant supply of (mostly donated) materials and are more than happy to share what we have learned about card making. The only warning we give is that card making is addictive, so beware!

We hope to resume visit our friends at Healing Transitions once a month. We provide supplies, including postage stamps, to help the ladies make cards during that hour.