Who We Are

  • A Thoughtful and Progressive Community of Faith

    We come together as travelers on a journey, each bringing our unique histories, traditions, and stories of faith.

  • Covenant Partners - TJ & Justine

    "We found UPUCC in a long search for a community of faith that made us feel not simply welcomed inside four walls, but fully accepted and respected as equal members of the community. We're now hard pressed to think of another public forum where we feel so comfortable being our true selves. The individuals within the community of UPUCC are brilliantly different in so many ways, but it's the shared values that connect us all and support us on our personal spiritual journeys." 

  • Covenant Partners - Bonnie & Gustavo

    "Back in October of 2009, after searching the web and visiting a number of local churches, we came across www.UPUCC.org. After spending some time visiting the site, we felt compelled to experience what this embracing community that claimed to be open to all and that preached tolerance and fought for justice was all about.

    After our first visit, it was clear to both of us that we had finally found our spiritual home at UPUCC. We quickly learned that this community is much more than what is shown on its website. UPUCC is a faith community that strengthens our spirits with the love of God while challenging us to become better individuals in our communities and the wider world. We feel blessed to have found UPUCC. "

  • Covenant Partners - Nick & Gina

    "UPUCC has been a wonderful, welcoming community to our family. We arrived broken and wounded and were immediately taken in and supported until we could stand on our own. We have attended many churches in our time and this church, above all, is a true representation of the love of Christ. We now take great pleasure in being able to give back to the congregation and UPUCC offers us many opportunities to grow spiritually and personally. This is an active, vibrant congregation who lives out loud the covenant that it has adopted. We feel very blessed to have found UPUCC and hope that all individuals and families who need a supportive, affirming congregation finds it as well. "