Our Building

Building Theology

From the beginning of our community in 1999 we dreamed of the day we would inhabit our own building, yet for the first few years of our existence we did not make a building a priority. We did commit ourselves, however, to designing a space that would somehow reflect the theology we professed. We wanted a building that would be open, green and accessible to nature!

Partnership with BBH

In 2006, we joined in partnership with BBH Design to buy and retrofit an existing building adjacent to Umstead Park at 8208 Brownleigh Drive.

LEED Certification

Committing ourselves to accreditation in the Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design, we are proud that Umstead Park UCC is the first church building in North Carolina and the Southeast to achieve LEED Gold certification. In our commitment to being global citizens, we celebrate our “inescapable connection with the sacred earth and all of creation.”