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Children’s Church Update:

This year, we are asking the question, "What does love look like?" Our lessons will focus on stories and activities that help us learn how to love ourselves, our neighbors, and our world!

In our current unit, we are looking at some of the things that Jesus taught so that we can learn how to put love into action.


From Tyler Ung, Minister with Children and Youth:

I am delighted to be working with our children and families! Each Sunday, we'll enjoy a brief lesson together and build healthy friendships with playing outside (or indoors, depending on the weather).

If you have not already done so, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the Children's Registration Form.  Even if you've been a part of our church for years, this will help us to refresh our database and make sure that we know how to reach you. Thank you for your help! ALSO, here's a survey to complete which would be helpful in choosing the most fitting curriculum and offering helpful programs!


At UPUCC our children's program offers a warm, loving and supportive environment for children birth through fifth grade. It is based on our Children's Covenant (see below).

To register your child(ren) for Children's Church, please use this Children's Registration Form

(For 6th grade and older, see our youth program)


Children's covenant

Umstead Park United Church of Christ is a place where we are important

and it is a place that is important to us.

This is where we learn more about God:

that God loves us and cares for us;

and also the place where we learn what God wants us to do:

love each other and take care of other people.

Every single person is important to God.

We also believe God loves all of nature and we should too.

This means keeping the environment clean and not polluting,

and also that animals and trees and mountains are all other ways we can learn more about God.

We believe that Church is a place that should be fun, because fun is good.

And finally, we believe that questions are good, and that church is a great place to ask them...

And we have lots of questions.

So we will come to Umstead Park United Church of Christ to learn more, and love more, and have fun, and be with our friends, and share with others, and ask questions, and listen for answers.

These are the promises we make.

What to expect sunday morning

If you have a child who is three or younger, you are welcome to bring the child to worship with you or bring him/her to our nursery. Our nursery director, Margo Schaffer, has over 35 years of experience caring for young children. Every Sunday, she and a UPUCC volunteer take care of the youngest among us with loving attentiveness.

For children in preschool and through 5th grade, we have Children's Church - our version of Sunday School, which is currently on break during July 2022. We follow a curriculum called Seasons of the Spirit. Each Sunday the children learn a different Bible story, play games, do crafts and enjoy music and time together.

All of our volunteers and employees who work with children are Safe Church Certified which includes regular background checks (please see 'Safe Church Program' page).

What children will NOT experience at upucc

  • A literal reading and interpretation of classic Bible stories.
  • Scary stories of hell and judgment.
  • Teachers who ignore or don't encourage questions.
  • Dismissive or disrespectful attitudes toward other faiths.

what children will experience at upucc

  • The Bible explored as our sacred stories which explain how our ancestors understood God and Holy Mystery.
  • Stories of God's love and Jesus' teachings.
  • Teachers who LOVE questions and have lots of them, too!
  • A respectful attitude towards all faiths and an interest in learning more about other paths to God.