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Sunday 10:30 am Worship Zoom link:

As always, children are welcome in worship. Families come to worship together. After the Children's Moment, children and adult leaders enjoy a brief lesson together, then dismiss to build healthy friendships in outdoor play (or indoors, depending on the weather).

Youth Group meets most Sundays at 12 pm. Contact for details.

Sunday Forums 9 am - Join in person in the church library or online: 

Re-Imagining Advent

Calendar, candles…Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. These are familiar signs of Advent for many Christians around the world. Advent is the beginning of the spiritual year, where the Church prepares for the arrival of Christ. For many, the four Sundays of Advent and other associated traditions bring comfort and help center them in reflection. But what if you have difficulty connecting to the tradition – can you still find meaning in this season? How can you reflect on Hope, Peace, Joy and Love when there is doubt, despair, war and fear in the world?

Join us for Forum each Sunday in Advent  as we try to “Re-imagine” Advent. Each week we’ll start with that Sunday’s theme (Hope, Peace, Joy and Love) and how it fits into the tradition. We’ll then have an open discussion about that theme, and the difficulties we may have reflecting on that theme through the traditional lenses. We can then share ways in which we can “Re-imagine” these themes in creative ways (outside the tradition, if need be) so that we can better reflect and find the Hope, Joy, Peace and Love that we truly need.

December 4th  –   Re-Imagining Advent (Peace)

December 11th  – Re-Imagining Advent (Joy)

December 18th  – Re-Imagining Advent (Love)

December 25th  – No forum

New! Monday Night 7 pm Four-Week Book Study (online)

We are pleased to announce that renowned New Testament scholar, author and prominent member of the Jesus Seminar, John Dominic Crossan, will be joining UPUCC via Zoom on January 22, 2023, for a lecture and Q&A session regarding his latest book – Render Unto Caesar: The Struggle Over Christ and Culture in the New Testament. To prepare for his (virtual) visit we will be starting a weekly book study to delve into the fascinating insights the book offers regarding the debates over church and state in the New Testament, and how those insights may apply to 21st Century America and the Christian church. See below for more details on the book study and the book.


                              Meeting ID: 899 6513 9605

                              Passcode: 914930

 Monday, December 5th – Introduction / Prologue / Overture

Monday, December 12th – Culture Rejected & Demonized (Revelation)

Monday, December 19th – Culture Accepted & Canonized (Luke / Acts)

Break for the holidays

Monday, January 9th – Culture Confronted & Criticized (Historical Jesus)

Tuesday Book Group 6 pm (online)  December 6

The Tuesday Night Book Group will discuss Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. The book is a fictional autobiography of the Reverend John Ames, an elderly Congregationalist pastor who knows he is dying of a heart condition.  It is an account of his legacy as he remembers the experiences of his father and grandfather to share with his son.  The book won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle award.  We will be discussing the book in its entirety via Zoom on December 6th from 6-7:30 pm.   Contact Kathy Dobbs  if you would like to be part of this group. The group will then take a break until after the holidays.

New Yoga Offerings in 2023~

Ring in the New Year with Yoga!  Sunday, January 1, 2023  2-3:30pm

Join Cyndi Powers to start off 2023 with positive intention! When we are consciously grateful for our gifts and blessings, and bring heartfelt intention to our dreams, goals and desires, change is much more likely to occur. In this 90-minute class, we'll have a full body Yoga and pranayama practice, followed by a guided meditation and intention setting ritual to reflect upon the year gone by and set intention for the year ahead. $25. No experience necessary. Sign Up here:

Journey Through the Chakras - An 8 Week Series

Tuesdays, 9:30-11 am beginning January 3

The seven chakras are each a collection of energy that contain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. When any of these energy centers are blocked, dormant or imbalanced, our body and mind reacts by succumbing to dis-ease in any given layer of our being: physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

This 8 week series will provide you with the information and tools to harmonize the healthy free flow of energy through and around your chakras. You'll find benefits in your body, mind and heart and soul.

Each week, we'll target a specific chakra in a combination of movement, breath and various meditations.

No experience necessary. $150

Sign Up here:


Saturday Meditation Group online (most) 1st Saturdays 10 am

Practiced for centuries and is well-known for its many benefits, meditation can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase compassion, and more! UPUCC is carrying on this ancient practice- each first Saturday of the month at 10 am, for one hour.  We enjoy this time out from busy-ness to focus and redirect our minds, and invite you to come join us.  Absolutely no experience required.  Contact Joanne Kennedy Frazer if you would like to be part of this monthly group.


If you've missed our virtual worship services, you can find the videos here.

“Masks Optional” 

    At the Coordinating Council’s October 20th meeting, after a lengthy discussion while reviewing the Covenant Partner Surveys, a decision was made to move to ‘masks optional.' We do so reminding all:

  • to be respectful of the diversity of choices made by individuals within the Congregation
  • -encouraging any who have not yet taken full advantage of vaccinations to do so
  • -and requesting that any who have been exposed to Covid first test negative before returning to church.

    Should a significant surge in cases occur in the area, we will move to ‘masks recommended.’

    We will continue to offer streaming options for any who feel too compromised to return to in-person worship.

    Many thanks to all who participated in the recent survey which allowed us to choose policies that best reflect the will of the entire Congregation.